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Fysio Physics supports more than 30,000 professionals around the world. For over 30 years we are the specialist in (online) education and training for Medicine, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Personal Training and Nutrition.  We provide Evidence Based e-courses and practical skills workshops around  the world. Many of our courses are accredited by international official organisations. Our courses are taught in  English and Dutch.

Our team of teachers consists of Licensed Medical Doctors, Therapists, Scientists and experienced trainers from around the world. Ready to share their knowledge and experience.

We provide high-quality experiences to inspire you.

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Your Teachers

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Robert Rozenberg, MD

Sports doctor | Scientific researcher | Leader Dutch Exercise is Medicine Project | Erasmus MC Rotterdam.

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Maurits Hoonhorst, MD

Rehabilitation doctor | Sonographer | (non-practicing) sports physiotherapist | Researcher at the VU Medical Center | Corona rehabilitation Specialist


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Annekee van Woensel, MD

Physician-specialist in geriatric medicine | Working in acute Corona care | As a doctor associated with the Aafje Corona Center at Maasstad Hospital

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Karl Noten, BSc

Manual Therapist | Sports Physiotherapist | MSU Sonographer | Extended Scope Practioner | Licensed Sports Trainer | Owner of Fysio Physics | Founder of the 4xT Method®

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Thijs van Dalen, MD

Specialist Oncology Surgeon |  Oncological breast surgery | Specialist thyroid surgery | Board Breast Cancer Society

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Dr. Roel Hoogma, MD

Specialist for internal diseases | diabetes and obesity specialist

Wouter de Jong

Dietitian | Specialist in orthomolecular nutrition | Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology | Natural medicine

Dr. Sven Tulner, MD

Orthopedic surgeon | Traumatologist | Specialist surgery shoulder, knee and elbow

Tamara Griekspoor-Stam, MSc.

Master Oncology Physical Therapist | Physiotherapist | Physiotherapy & Oncological Rehabilitation 


Robbert van Amstel, PT, MSc, BSc, PhD(c)

MSc | Manual Therapist |Physiotherapist | Musculoskeletal Scientist | PhD. candidate

Dr. Jan Aghina, MD

Specialist in Sports Medicine | Cosmetic doctor

Martijn Kort, MSc.

Manual Therapist | Physiotherapist | Orthomolecular therapist


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In Store


Rehabilitation after COVID-19

The online course Rehabilitation after COVID-19, practical implications for Therapy & Training is an addition to the Lung Rehabilitation course from Fysio Physics. The course is taught in Dutch. 

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Lung Rehabilitation 

The Lung Rehabilitation course is the new Evidence Based course from Fysio Physics.

more information

Physiotherapy & Diabetes

Physiotherapy & Diabetes is the training for specialist in Rehabilitation & Training for diabetes. Accreditation KNGF (16 pts), Keurmerk Fysiotherapie (16 pts) and recognized by Chronisch ZorgNet.


more information

Physiotherapy & Oncological Rehabilitation

The specialization course for therapy, training and lifestyle in cancer rehabilitation.
Accreditation KNGF (19 pts) and Keurmerk Fysiotherapie (15 pts).


more information

Orthomolecular Nutrition Coach

The scientifically based training on orthomolecular nutrition in physiotherapy & Personal Training.


more information

4xT Pilates Pro Level 1

Based on 30 years of experience in physiotherapy & fitness. Level 1 is a step-by-step education program in which all basic principles and exercises are covered.


more information

4xT® Pilates Pro Level 2

4xT® Pilates Pro Level 2 is the ADVANCED therapeutic pilates education program. Level 2 is an advanced step-by-step education program. We combine basic exercises with more challenging exercises for body alignment and athletic core exercises.





more information

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Accreditation Keurmerk Fysiotherapie (72 pts).  The  treatment algorithm (Test, Trigger, Tape, Train) consists of the combination of new manual techniques, myofascial techniques, taping and targeted training.


more information

Abdominal & Organ fascia Release 

A 2 day course. Discover the new VisceroFascial Therapy: Visceral anatomy, research & diagnostics, new hands-on visceral release techniques. Osteopaths as well as physiotherapists and massage therapists are enthusiastic about this fast and effective method. Manual techniques for organ correction in combination with arthrogenic corrections for back, pelvis, shoulders and neck.

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